Here is everything you need to know about ingrown hair

All you need to know about ingrown hair

Ingrown hair, medically known as pseudofolliculitis barbae, is basically hair that doesn’t rise from the skin. Ingrown hair can have multiple causes and although they usually go back on their own, you can also treat them.

Causes of ingrown hair

The common causes of ingrown hair include:

1- Clogged hair follicles

The follicles can be clogged because of dirt, debris, and dead skin. When hair follicles clog, the hair in them might become trapped.

There’s also a possibility of the hair growing beneath the skin.

2- Improper hair removal

This is extremely common. Improper hair removal or shaving techniques can lead to ingrown hair.

3- Other causes

Other causes may include friction. Tight clothing all day long can make the hair flip around, pushing them back into the follicle.

Treatment and prevention:

You can easily tackle the problem of ingrown hair if you are impatient for them to go on their own. Some of the things you can do include:

  • Exfoliation: Wash the area with a mild soap. Before removing your hair, exfoliation is one of the best things you can do. This would treat/prevent ingrown hair.
  • Warm compress: This is used to treat razor bumps.
  • Sterilised needle or tweezers: Streilised needles can be used to pull the hair once they emerge out of the skin.
  • Warm, wet washcloth: Applying wet washcloth over the ingrown hair would open the follicle. This would end up draining the folicle as well.


Some simple steps would help prevent ingrown hair. These are listed below.

1- A shaving cream

All you need to know about ingrown hair

Shaving cream is important because it adds moisture to the skin. This means that it would reduce friction when the razor glides over your skin. This is important because friction can result in inflammation.

2- Exfoliation

All you need to know about ingrown hair

Exfoliating before hair removal can scrape away the dead skin cells. Since the layer of dead cells trap hair inside the follicles, making them grow inward.

Other than this, dirt and oil can clog pores. Removing the dirt can help prevent/treat ingrown hair.

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