HAIRCARE: Rules that you need to know while washing your hair!

Who doesn’t want shiny and healthy hair? We usually do a lot for the hair but still, end up wondering why nothing is working or why no results are being shown. Well, it has been proven that if you want your hair to be all healthy, the way you wash them and the products you use, matter a lot. The majority of us don’t know the proper or the right way of washing the hair even if it might seem like a very simple task, and there are so many things that we do in routine which can actually harm your hair.

Here are some rules which you should know about washing your hair in the right way.

Don’t wash your hair everyday

Well sometimes, it seems unavoidable if you have events or products in your hair. But other than that, DON’T ever wash your hair on a daily basis.
Washing your hair every day will eventually strip off the natural oils forming your hair. These oils are very important for the health of your hair and the scalp too. Also, you will notice that your hair will start to get oily very fast as well after continuous and regular washes.

Choose warm water over hot water

In winters, many make the mistake of washing the hair with hot water for obvious reasons. However, do you know that hot water can cause great damage to your hair? It can be harmful not only to the roots and the rest of the hair but also for your scalp. It will leave the hair dehydrated and dry.

The golden rule here is, use warm (not too hot, not too cold) water for shampoo and cold for conditioner. Cold is preferred for conditioner because it helps close the pores. Be sure to give your hair a rinse with cold water at the end of the bath.

Massage your scalp softly and properly

We all are in a rush and never pay attention to massaging our scalp while shampooing. The scalp must be gently and tenderly massaged with the fingertips. Don’t use for nails for the purpose because they can damage the scalp. A minimum of 3 minutes should be spent on massaging the scalp. This allows the nutrients to absorb well.

Always make sure to go in a vertical/horizontal direction, and not in a circle. When you go in circles, the hair gets tangled and it also makes them frizzy.

Know where to apply the conditioner

Conditioner is important because it nourishes your hair and makes it soft. Knowing which areas need the conditioner is important. DON’T apply the conditioner on the roots or the scalp. The ends of your hair, which tend to be more prone of drying out, need the conditioner and the required moisture.

Ditch the sulfate

Having seen as many episodes of Queer Eye as we have, Jonathan Van Ness has taught us to ditch shampoos with sulfate. Although this is hard, since ‘Sodium Laureth Sulfate’ or other forms of sulfate are found in almost every shampoo you use, but the ingredient is bad for your hair, especially if your hair is naturally frizzy or chemically treated (dyed).

It will take a lot of browsing through the shelves of the store, but try your best to find a shampoo that doesn’t have sulfate and parabens, since they can be harsh on your hair and harm them.

Learn more tips and tricks about washing your hair here:

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