Haircare routine to maintain healthy hair

Just like daily skincare is extremely essential to maintain glowing skin, a haircare routine is also vital to maintain the health of your hair and in many cases, to improve it. A haircare routine can add the shine to your hair that you might have lost due to dyes, heat styling, and more.

If you want to know what haircare routine you can follow on daily basis to make your hair voluminous, shiny and healthy, then you should read below.

1- Shampoo the ‘right’ way

Shampoo is one of the most important steps in your haircare routine. Selection of the right shampoo (sulfate free) according to your hair needs will restore the shine of your hair in the right way. Other than this, the frequency of washing your hair is dependent on the type of your hair.

If you have an oily scalp, you should wash your hair frequently as to avoid the accumulation of sebum on your scalp. On the other hand, if your scalp is dry, you should make sure not to wash your hair every single day because it will make your scalp even more dry.

2- Use a conditioner

Woman combing her wet hair

Many are not aware of the importance of a conditioner. A conditioner is one of the most crucial steps of your haircare routine. It moisturizes your hair and gives dry and brittle hair the kind of shine they need. Conditioner can also protect your hair against damage due to sunrays.

Individuals with oily hair can skip conditioner but it is a MUST if you have dry hair.

3- Understand the importance of a ‘leave-in’ conditioner

Leave-in conditioners can add softness to your hair. They give your hair the hydration boost it needs. Moreover, they also keep the hair manageable and detangle your hair strands. A leave-in conditioner is best suitable for people with damaged and brittle hair.

4- Pre-shampooing routine

A pre-shampooing routine or an oil massage will not only add moisture to your hair but also improve the blood circulation in your hair. Go for argon oil, onion oil, or any oil that suits your hair and works for you.

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