Is hair fall making you worried? Here are some hair fall solutions

Hair fall is concerning for both men and women. If you are suffering from hair fall too, then the good news is that you can make minimize or even stop it.

Although a certain amount of hair fall every day is normal but excessive hair fall can be an indication of some problem. To know about the hair fall solutions, one should primarily focus on the causes of hair fall. Some of the conditions in which the hair can fall excessively include:

1- Hormonal imbalance

This is caused when there is the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which can harm hair follicles. This happens in both men and women. Although women naturally have a lower amount of testosterone than men, DHT-triggered hair loss can still occur in them.

2- Nutritional deficiencies

The deficiency of vitamin D, iron, copper, zinc, and more can cause hair loss.

3- Thyroid issues

People with hyper or hypothyroid issues experience a number of symptoms including hair growth cycle changes.

Other causes may include PCOS, stress, hair styling products, and more.

Hair fall solutions

Here are some hair fall solutions to tackle hair fall.

Choose the right shampoo

The wrong shampoo might be one of the reasons why you are experiencing hair fall. You need to understand your hair needs and choose a shampoo accordingly. Select a sulphate free shampoo and also look out for parabens and silicone.

It is also essential to wash the hair according to the scalp. Overwashing a dry scalp can lead to hair fall and not washing the oily scalp can do the same.

Avoid heating tools and chemicals

If you are experiencing hair loss, it is best that you avoid heating tools as much as you can. Blow dryers, curling rods and irons can make the hair brittle, dry and damaged. Also be sure to incorporate heat protectant sprays and serums before using a heating tool.

It is also important that you cut out chemicals.

Target the cause

If hair fall is because of an underlying health condition, it is best that you target the health condition and treat it accordingly to stop the hair from falling. No hair fall solutions will work until or unless you target the cause.

Be sure to incorporate all the essential nutrients in your diet.

Oil your hair

Gently massaging your hair with a hair oil can improve circulation and nourish the roots of your hair, making the hair healthy. However, know the proper way of oiling and beware of the oiling mistakes such as leaving it over night.

Use lukewarm water to wash your hair

Extremely cold and hot water can prove to be very harmful to the scalp. Hair experts suggest that one should use lukewarm water to wash their hair.

STOP squeezing your hair with a towel

One thing women very common practice is squeezing the hair hard with a towel. Hairstylists strictly recommend one NOT to use a towel to dry the hair. The coarse texture of the cloth can roughen up the hair shaft and damage hair causing hair fall.

Never brush the wet hair

Experts recommend brushing hair when they are dry before you shampoo them. Once you have washed your hair, be sure to wait for your hair to dry before you brush them. Brushing wet hair can cause hair breakage. Moreover, a wide-tooth comb is recommended because it is gentler on the strands.

AVOID sleeping with your hair tied up

Sleeping with your hair up can cause immense damage to the hair. You should either leave your hair down or simply knot them. Moreover, it is best that you use a silk pillowcase because it can cut down friction.

Even when you are not sleeping, it is highly recommended that you avoid certain hairstyles such as tight high ponytails which can damage your hairline.

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