Do’s and don’ts to avoid dry, chapped lips during winter

Do's and don'ts to avoid dry, chapped lips during winter

Winter is here and other than just the dry skin and scalp, so many people struggle with dry, flakey lips. Despite this being a common problem, a vast majority simply pays no attention to lip care routines.

Reasons for chapped lips

Do's and don'ts to avoid dry, chapped lips during winter

Many people think that dehydration is the only reason why one’s lips might become dry and chapped. Although water does play a major role, the reason might be deeper than that.

The cold air outside with the dry, heated air inside contributes to making the lips dry. This is why it is extremely important for you to follow a lip care routine during this time of the year. The lip care routine will prevent your lips from drying out and bleeding.

Winter lip care routine – do’s and don’ts

Do's and don'ts to avoid dry, chapped lips during winter
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1- Don’t brush or rub your lips if they are flaking

Dry, chapped lips surely feel irritating and many simply brush or rub the dead skin to make the lips smooth. However, this is NOT recommended.

According to experts, scrubbing dry lips can create sores on your lips which can make things worst. The only thing you can do is use a heavy lip balm that would treat your lips.

2- Go for an ointment based lip balm

The ointment-based lip balm would heal all the cracks on your lips. Always go for a balm containing oils and glycerin.

3- Don’t use lip balms containing methanol, eucalyptus, or camphor

These three ingredients are what you need to look out for when choosing a lip balm. These ingredients would initially make your lips feel softer but in the longer run, dry the lips out.

4- Go for a lip balm with SPF

This might be something that not many people know or consider. Always go for a lip balm that has SPF in it. This is because despite the cold weather, the sun still shines and your lips might get burned due to sun rays.

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