6 do’s and don’ts of your winter skincare routine

6 do's and don'ts of your winter skincare routine

We are stepping into the cold season. With the dry, chilly season, there are a lot of changes that one may experience with the skin texture. However, with some simple do’s and don’ts of winter skincare routine, you can actually protect your skin from the change of season.

Cold winds and the low temperature actually mean dehydrated and dry skin. Below are some tips to keep your skin healthy during winters.

1- Don’t skip sunscreen

6 do's and don'ts of your winter skincare routine

Numerous people are aware of the significance of sunscreens during summers. But you might actually need SPF on a cold cloudy day as well.

Sunscreen can shield your face from UVA and UVB rays. It will also help with signs of premature aging.

Check out the best sunscreens you can find in Pakistan here.

2- Exfoliate on a frequently

6 do's and don'ts of your winter skincare routine

The drop in humidity can make your skin look flakey. This is why it is really significant to exfoliate. If you are someone with sensitive skin, be mindful of the selection of your exfoliant. You need to pick up a gentle one.

3- Give your skin the ‘extra’ hydration

6 do's and don'ts of your winter skincare routine

Hydration is important even during summers, no matter what your skin type is. However, in your winter skincare routine, it is especially important. You may have to use hydrating masks other than moisturizers on a weakly basis.

4- Switch your summer products a bit

You can not use the same products all year long. With the weather getting harsh, you might need to switch your products a bit. This means that if you are opting for a lightweight moisturizer for summers, you need to replace it with a thicker, more hydrating moisturizer.

The product switch is done to cope up with the seasonal changes.

5- Don’t over-exfoliate


Although exfoliation is one important step of your skincare during winters, you have to be sure not to over-exfoliate.

Over-exfoliation will make your skin irritated and super sensitive.

6-Don’t skip lip nourishment

Your lips deserve the same attention that your skin does. Lipcare is a very important step of your skincare especially during this season when your lips can get dry and parched.

Hydration and drinking enough water are obviously the keys. But with it, you need to make sure you select a lip balm or mask with all the essential ingredients like coconut oil and shea butter.

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