Do you experience skin allergies or UTIs after freshly getting waxed? Your wax-lady maybe double-dipping!

It’s that time of the month when you anxiously wait for the doorbell to ring.

You have mixed thoughts clouding your brain ranging from ‘why did you have to call her? You can easily wait for another week (even though you know you couldn’t)’ to ‘I can do this. I’ve been getting it done for so many years.’ The near like panic attack you have while waiting for your waxing girl is REAL and I’m sure nearly every girl can relate to it. For those who don’t, man I envy you!

Your confused thoughts are disturbed by the ringing of your cell phone. Why, who could it be other than the ‘savior’ who will make you hair-free.

Cursing yourself for scheduling the horridly painful treatment, you halfheartedly open the door.

In comes the lady you love and hate at the same time. You hate her for the pain she gives you and love her because you have gotten used to her ‘halka haath’ and let’s face it; it isn’t easy showing your lady parts to every waxing woman out there.

So, knowing what’s to come, you reluctantly get the process started. With lots of screams and tears you get over and done with your Brazilian wax. Man I’m a warrior you say to yourself while patting your back. You instantly feel lighter and hop and sing with joy. You are free for at least one month. Nothing beats the joy of having a freshly waxed body.

A few days go by and you suddenly feel something isn’t right down there. You have extremely irritated skin and lots of tiny bumps. What is this you wonder? You make an appointment with your doctor, hoping to get rid of this awful rash.

After taking a look, the doctor asks you, ‘did you recently get a Brazilian wax?’

You reply with a yes. Then comes the most important question: ‘does your waxing lady double dip or use the same wax she used for a previous client?’

You reply yes.

Well there you have it. The doctor goes on to explain how other women can contract skin infections including STI’s (sexually transmitted infections) from other women simply by using contaminated wax. Came as a shock right?

In Pakistan, waxing ladies coming to your place to get the job done is a very common practice. There is usually more than one lady getting her waxing done in the same house. The same tin or container of wax is used for all the girls. Most of the times, the ‘waxing wali’ is coming to your place from another client’s house meaning she used the same wax for her as well.

wait, what?

As we know there are no strict health and safety rules that we follow while it comes to something so sensitive as getting our body including our private parts waxed, we are more prone to getting a horrible infection than we can imagine.


Well when the wax is applied to an infected area and then the same spatula is dipped into the wax container or tin, the infection is happily and effortlessly transferred to the rest of the wax.

So the next unsuspecting client is more susceptible to getting the same infection thanks to the ‘newly’ contaminated wax.

How can you stay safe?

You can never be too sure that your waxing lady isn’t double-dipping. So the best option out there is –

to buy your own wax!

Don’t even share it with your family members as you never know if anyone is suffering from any kind of an infection.

While scheduling your next waxing appointment, make sure you buy your own wax first before calling your waxing lady. You have no idea how easily you can get STI’s such as Herpes and HPV by using infected wax. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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