Putting Pinterest to the test. ‘Clean your beauty blender in the microwave’ – Hack or Hype?

Okay so we’ve all seen the ever so hyped and viral videos/ pictorials of people trying to clean their beauty blenders. They put them into a mug full of soapy water and pop them into the microwave for under 2 minutes. The result? Voila! Squeaky clean beauty blenders.

Admit it, we’ve all secretly wondered if they worked or not while binge watching such content on Pinterest (Pinterest is notorious for being over hyped sometimes).

The same question is raised here yet again- can my microwave actually clean my beauty blender?
Or is it all just another ‘too easy to be true’ fake hack?

We decided to put this theory to the test and find out the real truth once & for all!

This is what we did & what we found out was interesting.
Watch the video below to watch what happened:

Our Verdict:

Hack or hype.
Definitely just hype! The soapy water couldn’t get out all the remains of the makeup plus the water in the mug was super hot, touching it directly could cause scalding. After microwaving although some of the makeup had come off the B.B’s, in my opinion it would need another soapy rinse and rub to get all the dirt & grub off them completely.
So popular Pinterest myth finally busted.

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