5 ‘beauty’ benefits of coffee that you MUST know!

Are you a coffee lover? Do you need coffee first thing in the morning to give you an energy boost? However, did you know that this magic potion has many other benefits than just giving you a starter pack for the day or fuelling you with energy to kick start the day?

Here are some beauty benefits of coffee that you need to know about.

Helps reduce puffiness

Coffee restricts the amount of blood flow to a specific area. This helps de-puff wherever it is applied. One of the most common ingredients that you will find in depuffing creams is coffee for this reason.

Although coffee might make you look awake for some time, the results will still vanish at a point. Therefore, getting the proper sleep and waking up on time is really important.

It tightens the skin

Coffee is a diuretic. It dehydrates the fat cells and shrinks their size. This ends up cutting off cellulite from the body and gives it a tight, compact look.

It is a good antioxidant

Do you know coffee has a greater antioxidant property than green-tea? Well, you know it now. Antioxidants in the coffee help against premature aging which might be due to heat, pollution, light, etc.

Remember one thing, to get the antioxidant goodness of coffee, you need to drink it up because it releases ‘flavonoids’ when it is brewed. The antioxidant such a ‘polyphenol’ helps fight against the sun rays to protect your skin.

It fights acne

Scrubbing the face with coffee beans can help remove away the dead skin. It can also unclog pores to remove any dirt or bacteria. Moreover, coffee has chlorogenic acids. These acids help provide protection against bacteria. Other than this, it can also fight inflammation.

It can help add depth to your hair

If brown is your hair color and you want to add a little depth to it, then coffee is the secret ingredient that can be used. No fancy dyes or treatments, just coffee. If you want to darken the shade, you will have to repeat the process of applying coffee to your hair.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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