Ayesha Omar reveals the secrets behind her ‘flawless’ skin

Ayesha Omar is one of the biggest names in Pakistan’s entertainment After conquering the showbiz sphere, she recently ventured into beauty and started her own skincare line under the name ‘Ayesha O Beauty.’ The actress claimed that the products have all natural ingredients from organic sources.

The actress was recently a guest at Good Morning Pakistan hosted by Nida Yasir. She was questioned about what she does to keep her skin clear and flawless. Omar didn’t name any fancy brands and high-end products. Addressing the question she replied that it is very ‘essential’ to keep the hormones level in your body balanced. She stated that instead of treating the skin externally, one must focus on the hormonal levels as if the hormones are completely balanced, the skin will itself glow.

She also suggested to keep the sugar intake in control as very high sugar intake can cause skin breakouts. Moreover, she prefers using tea tree oil and honey to give her skin the ‘overnight’ glow and clarity that every individual wants.

Ayesha Omar is known for her flawless skin and her fitness. She has her own YouTube channel as well where she educates people on the healthy eating options as well as her skincare routines.

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