Are you using your sheet mask correctly?

Have you tried to hop on to the sheet mask trend but felt like it’s just not working out for you?

You might be using them wrong.

Here are a few tips that will help make sure you use your sheet mask to its full potential:

1.Forgetting to massage the mask packet BEFORE you open it

When you’ve had your mask stored away for a while, it’s possible that all of the liquid inside accumulates in one corner of the packet. Massaging the packet before opening it ensures that the liquid is properly dispersed all over the actual sheet mask.

2. Start with a freshly washed face

Starting with a clean face is essential so the essence can penetrate into your skin easily. It’s important that no dirt or debris is between your skin and the essence for the mask to do its job properly.

3. Make sure the mask is properly attached to your face don’t forget that chin

It’s important that the sheet mask isn’t just flopping around on there, it should have properly adhered to your face for full effect.

4. For the love of God, don’t leave the mask on for all eternity

Read the instructions on the packet and don’t leave it on for longer than the recommended time. If you do, it’ll end up soaking back all the moisture is deposited on to your skin. Defeating the whole purpose.

5. Don’t throw away the leftovers!

Although you can’t really store the essence for later, no one said that you can’t make the most of it by slathering that goodness all over the rest of your skin too. Take all the remainder and use it on your hands, arms, feet, whatever you want! Remember: Your skin doesn’t end at your neck.

6. Be gentle

When you peel the sheet mask off at the end, it’s tempting to go crazy trying to make sure all the essence is soaked into your skin – resist. Only gently massage the liquid into your skin and let the excess dry, your skin can only soak up so much.

7. You don’t have to wash your face right afterwards

Unless the package instructions require you to wash your face after the mask, you don’t need to. You put in all that work to pamper your skin, let the essence stay there and work it’s magic like you would do with regular serums.

Do you think you’ll want to give sheet masks a shot after knowing a little more about how you’re meant to use them?

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