‘I envision my products as a way of life’ | Aijaz Aslam launches his own organic skincare line

The actor Aijaz Aslam had been giving sneak peeks of something new that he is coming up with! However, he hadn’t announced much until recently, it has become knowns that the actor has launched his own brand of organic skincare products with the tag of ‘Aijaz Aslam.’

He took to Twitter to share his venture, saying that we have all seen him on television, ads, the print, ramp, web, and even worn clothes from his brand with the name of Aijazz. He also shared details about his newly released health and skincare products claiming that his skincare line is purely organic without any harmful and unnatural additives.

He envisions his line as a ‘way of life.’

Aijaz Aslam also added that he would further extend his line from just skincare products to accessories, clothing, and more.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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