5 haircare mistakes that people with thick hair should avoid

Thick hair is for sure what the majority of people dream of. However, styling and taking care of thick hair can be very difficult. Thick hair come with their own set of responsibilities.

From tackling frizz to finding ways to style them, thick hair isn’t easy to deal with. With this, many women with thick locks tend to make some common mistakes that can actually ruin the texture of their hair.

We have shortlisted some hair care mistakes that you should AVOID if you have thick hair.

1- Getting your hair chemically straightened

5 mistakes that people with thick hair should avoid

If you are considering rebounding or any such treatment, then STOP right now. A lot of girls consider such treatments as an attempt to control frizz and to make their hair manageable. But what many won’t tell you is how badly such treatments can ruin the texture of your hair.

If you want to improve the way your hair looks, make them smooth and shiny, then you can go for keratin treatment. This treatment wouldn’t ‘dead straight’ your hair but good quality keratin wouldn’t harm your hair like other straightening procedures.

2- Skipping regular trims

5 mistakes that people with thick hair should avoid

Regular trims are so important. Regular trims make the hair more manageable and help prevent split ends too.

3- Using the wrong brush

5 mistakes that people with thick hair should avoid

If you didn’t know before, hairbrushes are made in a variety of shapes and bristles for different hair. People with curly hair shouldn’t use the same brush type as those with straight. When it comes to thick hair, a wide, bar brush is usually advised.

If you want to know about the type of hairbrush you should use according to your hair type, then read more here.

4- Stop over-shampooing your hair

5 mistakes that people with thick hair should avoid
Back view of a woman washing her hair with a shampoo in bathroom. Copy space.

The amount of time one should shampoo their hair varies from person to person. Individuals with dry scalps are recommended not to wash their hair every day as this can strip off the natural oils that the scalp produces to protect the locks.

On the other hand, people with excessively oily scalps should wash their hair more frequently.

Those who have thick hair should be especially careful when it comes to shampooing. Regular shampoos are NOT for you. Thicker hair means more time for the oils to travel from the scalp to the ends of your hair. If you continue washing them every day, you will simply deprive your hair of the natural oils that the scalp produces.

5- Using the wrong shampoos

5 mistakes that people with thick hair should avoid

Just like brushes, one shampoo doesn’t suit all too. The purpose of a shampoo is to clean your hair.

People with thick locks are usually recommended shampoos with mild formulas. You need to be mindful when selecting a shampoo because the wrong one can be really damaging and would weigh your hair down.

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