5 Flattering Fall Lipsticks For Pakistani Women (Pictures+Swatches)

Fall is just around the corner and if you are anything like me, you probably already have all your bold lip colors READY TO BE USED (read: MISUSED). Bold colors, for me, are my go-to accessory on bad days when gut-crushing anxiety attacks me. They make me feel confident and more, like, Emin.

So for me, there is not a specific season for me to wear it. But there is something about fall and winters that particularly excites. Maybe it’s the lesson that how the leaves ? fall once, only to regrow again. Or maybe, all the reds and browns and mustards that will take over our wardrobes and vanities?!

Bold colors can be as tricky as nude. Finding something that is particularly flattering for Pakistani women, and then works for every skin tone, is challenging. However, I have made an attempt to make the task a little easy for you as I pen down my most favorite lip colors for fall.

? Let’s see if any of these is what you are looking for! ?

Rimmel Kate Moss 107

Price: Rs. 1450

If you have survived the Zoella-phase with me, you probably know about this already. This dark reddish-plum shade is what every Pakistani woman MUST OWN.

One, because it goes well with so many skin tones and undertones.

Two, because the formula is comfortable to wear. The color pay-off is so consistent that, unlike bold colors, you can literally get full opacity in one swipe and do not need a lip liner with it

And three, because of the price point. The reason I keep going back to this one is that it is not only cheaper than the high-end options but also high on the quality bar. A must-have!

Baolishi Mauve

Price: Rs. 250

I thank Mama for dragging me to LalKurti to get some lace for her new cloth matched because that is when I found this gem. Tempted by the colors and packaging (good quality plastic and applicator, extremely similar to Jeffree Star cosmetics), I picked three shades up.

And I can honestly say, I am sold. For such an amazing price point, I don’t think there is any con to this product. The scent is pleasant (not that typical cosmetic-y that lingers on for like, forever. The packaging is A-one and the color…well see for yourself ^.

If you want to jump on the fall-shades-bandwagon and still shy away from the dark-vampy lips, this is for you!

Luscious Super Moisturizing ”Chilli”

Price: Rs. 950

While usually, people tend to be more attracted to matte shades in winters, I do occasionally love satin finishes. For that, Luscious’s Super Moisturizing lipsticks have always been a go-to.

While the beiges and pinks are to die for, this particular shade is so unique – making it a must-have. The perfect blend of red and brown with a satin finish makes your lips look so juicy, voluminous and bold! This pairs well with a golden eye, a smokey liner or even a tinge of mascara – you name it!

Color Studio Color Play ”Outrageous”

Price: Rs. 595

Unique, vibrant, playful, joyful – I understand this will not be the one for everybody, but once you try it, I assure you there is no going back. This color is a true purple, independent from any red or brown undertones.

The price point is impressive and so is the opacity. You do not need to go back and forth as you have a full-color payoff in one swatch. The finish is not shiny, but it won’t dry out your lips either. The mauves in the series are quite impressive as well!

ColourPop Ultra Matte ”Mamacita”

Price: $7 – Rs. 1100

Saving the best for the last! This is my LOVE.OF.LIFE. The deepened burgundy shade is so unique that I have received compliments every single time I wore it.

The only downside is that you do need two layers for full opacity and even for someone like me, who has been using bold color all her life, it is tricky to apply it without lip liner. Though this will look good with everything, I think to pair it with the mascara will be the best pick!

Absolutely love this! ??????????

So what are your favorite fall picks? Anything you want us to try for you? Share with us in the comments bar below.

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