4 winter hair problems and how to deal with them

Winters are almost here. Many might be excited about the season but the hair and skin surely aren’t. While winters are amazing in so many ways, the low temperature surely brings some winter hair problems.

The cold breeze that you might be awaiting all year long can damage your super shiny hair. However, if you are looking for solutions for winter hair problems, then you are at the right place. You can enjoy this season to the fullest because we got you.

1- Dry and flakey scalp

4 winter hair problems and how to deal with them

The lessened moisture in the air can make your scalp become dry. The dryness ultimately causes itchiness. But you can surely deal with this issue through oils. Olive oil might actually help you big time. However, this is not the only solution. Aloe vera gel and homemade masks can be helpful too.

Try mashed bananas or yogurt and eggs, because these really give a hydration boost to your hair.

NOTE: Dry scalp is not always due to the season. You can experience an itchy scalp because of other reasons like washing your hair too frequently or due to product buildup.

2- Frizz

4 winter hair problems and how to deal with them

Frizzy hair is another common condition one may experience in winters. This is again, due to the dry season.

To get rid of frizz, you need extra moisture during this time of the year. You should NEVER skip conditioners and go for deep conditioning. Moreover, the remedies given above can work for frizz as well.

3- Hair so dry, they look like straw

The low moisture in the air can cause your hair cuticles to become rough. Your hair will be hard to touch and might even lose its shine.

For this, you need to make sure you give your heating tools some break. Heating your hair can dry your strands even more. Other than this, be sure you select a hydrating shampoo and conditioner. You can also use a silk pillowcase.

4- Dandruff

4 winter hair problems and how to deal with them

Make sure you visit a doctor before you try treatments for dandruff to know the underlying cause.

Dandruff is different from dry scalp and the two must not be confused. The best way to cure dandruff lies in your kitchen.

Home-made masks are one of the most suitable ways to deal with dandruff. Studies have proved that oiling your hair, if you’re experiencing dandruff, can add to the problem.

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