4 ways in which you can treat cracked heels

Dry, rough, and cracked skin on the feet is a condition that many very commonly experience. Skin frequently gets dry on the heels. This is because they go through wear and tear on daily basis. Other than this, feet have fewer oil glands as compared to other areas of the body too.

Cracked heels might be worrying but you can easily reduce and treat them. You can also follow some simple steps at your home to prevent them from returning.


Dead cells fall off from the skin to be taken over by new cells. However, if there is a buildup of dead skin, it can cause flaky patches.

Here are a few ways in which we can treat dry skin.

1- Soaking the feet in warm water

4 ways in which you can treat cracked heels

This step helps in loosening dry skin as well as soothing it. It also enhances blood circulation to the feet.

A small amount of vinegar would also be helpful as it provides antimicrobial properties that disinfect the foot. Other than this, you can also add honey, peppermint essential oil, and more.

2- Exfoliation

4 ways in which you can treat cracked heels

You can use a chemical or a physical exfoliator for the purpose. This step removes the dead surface layer of the skin.

Foot scrubs and body brushes might serve you the purpose.

Foot peelers are basically exfoliators (chemical) that are specifically designed for this reason. However, whenever you buy a foot exfoliator, make sure you go through the ingredient list. Some foot exfoliators might have fragrances that can irritate the skin.

3- Moisturizing socks

4 ways in which you can treat cracked heels

These socks are basically gel-linked and contain vitamins and natural oils. They can be found online and one can create them on their own too.

You can get the same effect if you apply a heavy moisturizer or vaseline and wear a pair of breathable, cotton socks to bed.

4- Moisturization is the key

4 ways in which you can treat cracked heels

In winter specifically, moisture is extremely important. The key is to avoid using moisturizers alcohol and added fragrances.

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