4 things you can use to clean your makeup brushes

4 things you can use to clean your makeup brushes

Makeup brushes and applicators can cause skin harm if they aren’t washed routinely. Even the best quality brushes won’t do the job properly if they aren’t cleaned.

Why is it important to wash your makeup brushes?

4 things you can use to clean your makeup brushes

Other than wrong skincare products another thing present on your vanity that can cause breakouts and acne is a makeup brush. Despite taking care of your skin. you can still have breakouts and the culprit might be your makeup brushes.

Washing your brushes and applicators might be a drag but once you know how significant it is, you would never skip it.

Here are some things you can use to wash your makeup brushes.

1- A dishwashing liquid

If you have no options available, then go for a dishwashing liquid.

Dishwashing liquids can deep clean the makeup brushes and sponges. They are also great as they can emulsify concealers and foundations that are oil-based.

2- Baby shampoos

Baby shampoos have a really gentle formula. Experts recommend washing your makeup brushes with baby shampoos as they make the bristles soft and deep clean the brushes. They are specifically recommended for cleaning fiber brushes.

3- Your regular soaps

Antibacterial soaps can kill any bacteria that may be present in your makeup applicators. Other than that, soaps can also break down heavy formulas and thoroughly clean makeup brushes and beauty blenders.

Make sure you use unscented soap because the scent can irritate the skin causing breakouts.

4- Makeup brush cleaners

Last but not least are, of course, makeup brush cleaners. There are a wide variety of makeup brush cleaners that you can find online.

Makeup brush cleaners are obviously the best option because they are specifically made for the purpose. They break down heavy formulas, kill bacteria and germs, and deep-clean the makeup brushes.

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