4 haircut ideas for curly hair

If you want to step into the new year with a change, then we can help you. A haircut definitely influences the way you look and if your curls are in need of a change, then this is the time you need to go for a chop.

A cropped curly hairstyle isn’t only stylish but is also easy to manage. Nothing’s more mesmerizing than those curly locks and by taking proper care of them, you can make them look really flattering.

We have some really easy haircuts then you can go with for your curls. These haircuts would give you the much-needed hair transformation and put you in the spirit to welcome the new year.

1- Shoulder-length layers

Layered haircut for curly hair

This might not be common but you can actually layer your curly hair. You can also decide how short you want to go. Shoulder-length layers will create a textured look This haircut would definitely make your curls pop and since you have a lot of options with this one, it is one perfect cut.

This cut is surely everything but boring.

Layered haircut for curly hair

2- Curly bangs

bangs for curly hair

Nothing is cuter than curly bangs. This is a versatile haircut and you can experiment with so many things with it. To spice things up, you can even go with curtain bangs instead of the normal standard ones. The long face-framing bangs would look super pretty.

3- An angled bob

Angled bob for curly hair

Angled bobs aren’t just for straight hair. An angled bob would combine a classic chin-length bob with an angle. The angle however, is not too sharp or dramatic, and therefore, you can go with it without any worries.

4- A Pixie cut

Pixie cut for curly hair

If you are in the mood to go even shorter and want to get those locks out of your eyes then a pixie cut is all you need. A voluminous pixie cut looks absolutely adorable with curly hair. You can also add some highlights to make your look unforgettable.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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