3 Ingredients Your Skincare Products Should NEVER Include If You Have Problem Skin

People would often ask me what is the secret to my smooth skin – well it is the RIGHT skincare. While I know that the ‘right’ skincare defines differently for everyone, one thing that can cause even more damage is not being educated about the ingredients of your products.

We often are carried away by fancy packaging and glass bottles, but your first consideration should be the constituents of the product!


  • Fragrance:

The fragrance is supposed to be on your body, not your face. We are certain to be inclined towards products that have a good fragrance, but scents, even natural, can badly trigger sensitive skin.

However, sometimes the fragrance is not written as a clear ingredient n the list. The best way to judge it is that if a product carries a heavy scent, it can contain harsh chemicals, which have not been clearly disclosed. It can irritate all skin, whether it’s considered sensitive or not.

  • Alcohol:

Jane Iredale, founder and president of janeiredale.com in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, advises staying away from products like toners and cleansers that contain alcohol.

“Alcohol dries the skin, which excites the sebaceous glands to secrete more oil, or sebum, in order to hydrate the skin,” she says.

“The sebum gets trapped in the glands, and bacteria go to work. They love sebum.”

  • Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil, just like any other oil, is simply a bad idea for problem skin.   Jonathan Kantor, MD, the medical director at the Florida Center for Dermatology in St. Augustine, Florida, suggests to always stay away from coconut oil.

“It is occlusive and thick which means it can clog pores and, if you are prone to breakouts, will probably make things worse, not better.”

With my personal experience, it is advised to always prefer coconut water over coconut oil. It works better and is a lot lighter on the skin.

What are your views on this? Share with us in the comments bar below.

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