Fall Nail Colour Trends and Where To Buy Them In Pakistan

Fall is here (finally) and so are the funky, fun, new updated trends. Again, colors don’t have a season, but for me, all colors mean grungy, dark and vampy shades. So whenever the winds start to change, my vanity does too – as all the pastels are thrown back at the table and oranges take over.

This fall, just like every year, some new colors are in-fashion. I am sure you must have come across these photos on Instagram but must be secretly thinking about where to get them.

So, we are here – having your back, ALWAYS.

We hunted down the colors for you. Not just that, we also found out affordable options that are easily available in Pakistan. So this fall, we can all rock these fun nail paints, without being too heavy on our pockets.


~ The Burnt Orange:

Genuinely one of my most favorite colors, ever. One thing that I absolutely love about this shade range is that it looks beautiful on every single skin tone.

This has a slight brown base to it, which makes it super unique and also distinguishes it from traditional orange-reds. If you have to define it in just one word, you can simply call it your pumpkin delight!


  1. Essie – Playing Koi ($9)
  2. ST London Colorist Nail Paint  – Rustic (Rs. 450)

~ The Berry Red:

Is fall even fall without berry reds and burgundies? Well, at least mine is not. This is the shade I wear the most during the season.

Not just my nails, the colors take over my wardrobe and my makeup as well. This is a must-have!


  1. OPI – Malaga Wine ($12)
  2. Art Couture – Nail Lacquer 705 (Rs. 1,090)

~ Oh, The Mustard Yellow:

I can’t recall a single time when I wore this color and I did not get compliments on it. When Katleen Lights released this color, I felt like all my Instagram and Pinterest fantasies are coming to reality!

The shade is a muted yellow with a brown base. It was really hard to find something similar in locally available options, but I managed to pull one out of my collection. It is definitely not exactly identical, but quite similar.


  1. KL Polish – Caramello ($9.5)
  2. EZ Breathable Nail Color ā€“ ST212 ā€“ Caramac (Rs. 480)

~ DAMN, That Vampy Purple!

I really like black nail paint – to look at. However, on my hands, it’s a big miss for me. I have tried a number of brands but nothing works out or looks flattering on my hands. So finally, I have made my peace with it.

BUT – I do tend to like more vampy purples and navy blues as the closest alternatives. For some reason, I do associate this shade range with fall and winters as well. Hence, here.


  1. Deborah Lipmann – Purple Haze ($20)
  2. Ximiso – The Dark Purple (Rs. 130)

~ Of course, the nooooodez!

Yeah, eventually, we do need a break! When it comes to nude nail paints, everyone has a different preference depending on their skin color. For me personally, I prefer more beige and pale pink tones.

They look really delicate and more than that, they look so stunning in photos. Such colors can lie a little out of your comfort zone, but once you dare, you’ll love it. There is no going back to average pinky nudes!


  1. Smith & Cult – Ghost Edit ($18)
  2. Sweet Touch Colourist Series – Porcelain (Rs. 450)

Hope you found it useful. Is there something specific you want us to write on? Share with us in the comments bar below!

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