Your heater might cause damage to your body – here’s how!

Your heater might cause damage to your body - here's how!
Electric heater, used at home.

Winters are here which means heavy clothing and socks. However, this isn’t enough. All of us use heaters to warm our homes as well. But do you know the damages a heater can cause to your skin, hair, and body?

There has been a vast amount of evidence regarding the damages that heaters can cause. You might warm your house but at the expense of damage to your hair and skin.

Below, we have listed some of the ways and reasons how a heater can be damaging for you if you didn’t know.

1- Damage to the hair

Heaters and radiators can warm up the environment. However, in addition to the warmth that they provide, they can also dry out the air. Other than this, there is a lot of temperature difference compared to the outside.

This could lead to the hair looking extremely dried out and lifeless. The hair also becomes fragile and one may experience breakage.

The best way to prevent this is by looking for products that can keep your hair hydrated. Other than this, you also need to make sure your water intake is sufficient.

2- Fall of moisture content in the air

Again, the low moisture content caused by heaters in your house can be a problem. This causes problems specifically for people with dry and sensitive skin.

If you can not avoid heaters, the solution lies in moisturizers. Experts recommend switching the skincare products a bit with the seasonal change too. It is often advised to go for a heavy, thick moisturizer in winters. An air humidifier would be great as well.

3- An increased temperature difference between the skin and surroundings due to convective heat exchange

The huge temperature difference between your body and the environment can cause convective heat exchange. This can be damaging for your skin.

4- Prolonged and excessive heater impacts your body

Other than just your skin and hair, the prolonged heat can cause other issues too. These include irritability, laziness, and lack of concentration.

Your heater might cause damage to your body - here's how!

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