4 Easy Dress Ideas For Shaadi Season That Never Go Out Of Style

Every year, November and December are densely packed with shaadis. Our week goes more like Wednesday, Thursday, Mehndi, Barat, Valima. 

Now what are we as guests supposed to do when there’s a wedding almost every weekend throughout the peak shaadi season, with basically the same guest list and you can’t really dish out lakhs on all new dresses for each one – especially not in this economy!

Here’s me twirling in a GIF he he

Well, it’s time to bring out that little designer hiding inside all of us and get to work. 

Start with going into your paetiyan or wardrobes full of old shaadi clothes, this goes for recent brides too, who want to re-wear their wedding outfits without looking like a second bride. Pick out all your favorite embellished dupattas. They’ll all make great statement pieces in a plain-er outfit. Especially the recent comeback of the classic pishwas or the forever favorite lehnga choli and if you have a few duppattas with the same color scheme, you can wear them with the same pishwas/lehnga on different events with different hair and jewelry and it’s like a whole new outfit every single time!

This front slit dress has my moms Valima outfits work on it! I paired it with a gharara that she got made in 1994, it’s literally older than I am!

Next you can see if you have any of those long shirts we used to wear back in the early 2000s, pair heavy shirts with a contrasting dupatta and that one trusty gharara of our moms that we stole ages ago and you can rock a whole new look without getting anything new made at all! 

I barely go to any wedding where I don’t “borrow” something of my moms, this is her sharara from her actual barat!

Have anything from the era of wearing long dresses at weddings? Alter in a side slit and it’s been updated for the 2019 slit frenzy! And they look super chic too! Any tailor can do it for you within a couple hours easily! 

The same gharara with a shorter shirt! These timeless pieces go with absolutely everything!

Really want to wear your own mehndi lehngas but are scared the whole outfit would look tacky for someone else’s wedding? Swap out the choli and dupatta for something light and plain and get a plain lehnga made matching your choli and dupatta! You just got two new outfits from your own bridal clothes! 

And best of all, you can totally repeat dresses at different weddings. You’re a guest celebrating someone’s happy day. It doesn’t mean you sacrifice your own peace of mind running around making a new outfit for every wedding that you’ll never wear again. Reusing and re-wearing your outfits is something our moms and grandmothers did all the time. It’s time we stop buying into the idea that it’s insane to wear something the second (or third or fourth) time and wear that outfit you love so much to death. You (or yo mama) bought it! 

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