Samina Ahmed and Manzar Sehbai receive backlash for marrying at an older age

Samina Ahmed and Manzar Sehbai are both veteran actors of the Pakistani Entertainment industry. The two have been prominent faces for decades. They have fans across generations. Samina Ahmed was last seen in the tv serial “Suno Chanda” and Manzar Sehbai was the beloved grandfather in “Alif”

The two tied the knot at the age of 70. They broke the stereotype that forces older people to stay single and alone if they’re divorced/widowed or simply never married.

The news broke of their wedding and it blew up on social media. Everyone was talking about it.

But like always, the people who love to troll online made their way to pictures of the couple too. They decided that they knew better and went too far in the comments.

People who say things like this need to know that this isn’t okay. You shouldn’t be trying to ruin someone’s happy day with words like this. Just because you’re hiding behind a screen doesn’t mean that you can go around saying things like this like it’ll never get back to you.

For a country that is always talking about weddings, we sure have a lot of criticism for people who do get married. This needs to change. We need to start celebrating peoples’ happiness instead of trying to tear everyone down.

Even though cruel people exist. The majority of the response to the news was wholesome. People are congratulating the couple and literally saying that they’ve brought some good news in this really hard year and have warmed everyone’s hearts.

It’s very very important to be mindful of what you say. Whether you say it in person or over the internet. Know the difference between “freedom of speech/ having an opinion” and “hate speech”.

We pray that this beautiful couple has a life together that’s full of love and happiness. They’ve really proved that love conquers all and that you can still be with the love of your life even if you’ve been around for 70 years ❤️

  • Xsm says:

    Very nice is age mein he tu zyada lonliness feel hoti hae jb sb apni life mein bz hotay hein kisi k pas aap k lye time nae hota
    Jis kaam ko Allah nay halal kya hae kisi insaan ki kya jurrat us ko odd bolay

  • Noor E Hira says:

    Aww so good to see that may they share a beautiful n happy life together. Aameen

  • Ayesha says:

    Shame on the people who are posting such disgusting comments. Nikah at any age is a good thing to do. Rather than watching porn, dating, masturbating. Marriage is not just to make children. Marriage is a lot more than that. Companionship is the most significant of all. If you haven’t found a companion yet, it’s not their fault.
    I feel sick and disgusted reading such mean comments.

  • Pakiza says:

    Stay Blessed?

  • There haven't done any thing wrong neither they broke any norm. I wish them a happy married life. . says:

    [email protected]

  • Welwisher says:

    It’s the right of a person and no one has right to interfere there personal matters.why they spend their life according to the other people wishes,I congratulate them that they choose Halal way as a life partner.

  • Quratulain siddiqui says:

    Pata nae nae logon ko masla kia ha choti umar Waly NY shadi to inko masla bari umar Waly nay shadi to inko masla akhir log apny kam sy MATLAB kio nae rakhty in logon NY MashaaAllah is umar mai shadi kar k missal kaim ki ki ha k haram sy bcho or nikaah ko ehmiyat do Jo Allah ko pasand ha Allah pak inko but khushiyon sy nawazain sehat o tandrusti k saath lambi zindagi at a farmain Aameen!

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