Minimal jewelry, no makeup looks & “boy cut” hair – Eman Suleman slays as a Pakistani bride!

Eman Suleman is a well known Pakistani model and actress. We’ve been seeing her on almost every brand’s campaign for years now.

When she announced that she was getting married to Syed Jamil Haider Rizvi, Most people assumed she’d have a super long and extravagant wedding.

But what she had planned surprised everyone.

We loved the caption!


It all started with their Nikkah, done at home in a very intimate setting. Eman wore a gorgeous gold outfit by Zara Shahjahan, had almost no makeup on but she was still glowing.

Happy brides glow the brightest ❤️

When they announced their nikkah, Eman shared how she only wanted a simple nikkah and rukhsati but her elders just did not agree. So, in order to appease them they had to do a Three day wedding event too.

Even then, their entire wedding was a breath of fresh air!


Their mehndi was another simple home event, where the day was a true celebration of the couples union. Eman wore a white Zara Shahjahan lehnga with a beautiful dupatta that reminded us of the late 80’s-early-90’s ‘kiran dupatta trend.’ 

The pair accompanied by friends and family, Blissfully danced the night away!

Their happiness and love was beaming through all the photos and videos, and we are here for it!


Their Barat was truly inspired by the 80’s with gold trims and red decor everywhere.

Eman’s outfit on this event was absolutely breathtaking. She looked amazing in her lightweight, red Zara Shahjahan outfit with a chunri-esque dupatta. Her jewellery was limited to one maang tikka and jhumkas only. Ever seen a Barat bride move her neck so easily? Well, Now you have!


For their Valima the vibe stayed the same – simple and chilled out. You could almost feel the love radiating throughout the entire wedding. 

Eman wore an all-white Kamiar Rokni Bridal Kameez and Gharara with lots of intricate embellishments that added color yet kept the look super light. Absolutely stunning! 

Our Favourite part!

Our favorite part about all the wedding-looks was the fact that Eman kept and flaunted her super short hair. It’s pretty much the first time ever that a Pakistani bride has kept her hair short for her wedding yet still managed to look ‘traditionally bride-y.’ We loved that there were no hair extensions in sight! Something that would’ve been encouraged by others to make the bride look more ‘complete’

Eman’s light makeup and jewellery also show that a bride doesn’t necessarily need to drown in a heavy attire to look “like a bride”.

he most important thing is feeling comfortable and like YOURSELF. Staying true to your style is the best way to be unique – There’s only ONE you out there.  

*The photos used in this article are courtesy of Maham Haseeb Bosan, Sara Idrees and Zara Peerzada.*
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