Faryal Mehmood and Daniyal Raheel’s wedding story is literally wedding goals!

For as long as we can remember, Pakistan has all been about grand weddings. Regardless of peoples incomes, they all aim to save up for years or end up taking loans to have whatever version of “the big fat Pakistani wedding” they can have.

This way of spending has lead to the creation of something we call the “wedding mafia” of Pakistan. Where the charges of things like dresses, decor, food or make up sky-rockets the second the words go from ‘celebration’ to ‘wedding celebration’.

Well, the COVID-19 lockdown has hit this industry too. The government ordered to close down wedding marquees and other large venues and banned huge gatherings.

This didn’t really stop weddings though, it only changed them.

Now, people are having smaller, more intimate weddings instead. Traditionally, you say small and everyone thinks bland and boring – but actors Faryal Mehmood and Daniyal Raheel just showed everyone that it’s not the decor or the big venue but who the couple is that matters.

Their wedding was held in Lahore, in Daniyals family home so his family could be a part of it. Because of the lack of flights, they decided on a road trip instead! They drove for half a day to get to Lahore where Daniyals family had everything set up for the wedding.

Since almost all of Faryals family lives in the United States, they were a part of the wedding through video call – making it seem like they were really there for the big day.

Daniyal called it a day that would “forever warm the cockles” of his heart. Adding, that it was “everything”

This is one of the most wholesome ways someone has had their wedding in a really long time. The love that Daniyal and Faryal have for each other shines through each of their photos or videos together. This really shows us what’s actually important in a wedding – the people and the memories, not the centrepieces or whether there were enough flowers or not.

  • asifa ghafoor says:

    maa sha Allah stay blessed

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