Actress Nimra Khan gets married in a small intimate ceremony

Nimra Khan is a very well known actress in Pakistan. We’ve seen her in dramas like Uraan, Bhool and Choti si Zindagi to name a few. People have loved her performances throughout her career and she’s garnered quite a fan following.

News broke out that Nimra Khan has tied the knot with a Former Police Officer from London on the 19th of April 2020. Even though the country is on a nation-wide lockdown their Nikkah went on.

While speaking to the media she said that it was a totally arranged marriage and Iftekhar is of her parents choosing. She says that even though it’s an arranged marriage she’s happy that she’s got a great partner and that they’re enjoying getting to really know each other now.

She announced the news on Instagram with an adorable caption saying “Alhamdullillah #nikkahfied. Just need your prayers and positivity. I love you mom, dad, my sisters and my in laws”

She went on to say that she’s always wanted a small and simple wedding. Even though she likes celebrations but she didn’t want to overspend on her wedding and because of the lockdown she had to do it the way she’s always wanted.

Even though they had an intimate gathering for the Nikkah they plan on throwing a reception party whenever the lockdown ends and the world is a little safer.

The pair will be moving to London after the reception. Nimra Khan says that even though she’ll relocate she’ll continue working as she was. She wants that for herself and her husband wants the same for her.

They make a stunning couple and we pray they have a life full of love and happiness ahead. Congratulations Iftekhar and Nimra!

  • nadeea says:

    superb couple

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