A big lesson for all of us to take away from the celebrity weddings of 2019!

Yasir Hussain and Iqra Aziz’s wedding festivities have come to an end with their Valima last night. Although their wedding was covered second by second on social media. There’s one detail that hardly anyone has talked about. 

How the whole wedding was not extravagant at all. 

The level of extravagance expected from weddings has recently been insane. People spending Lakhs on 2-3 days shouldn’t be “normal”. 

Towards the end of 2019, we saw a shift. Celebrities started opting for small, intimate weddings starting with the beautiful wedding of Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khawar, the Nikkah of Ali Xeeshan and now Yasir and Iqra did the same as the year came to a close

Their entire wedding was done in their homes. 

They had a daytime Mayu event where both of them got haaldi-ed up and it went on to have the mehndi the same night with all their friends and family – all of whom fit right into their home! 

Their baraat was a gorgeous simple nikkah and Rukhsati. 

And their Valima was a super simple home event too!

They managed to pull all three days off without ever even going through the hassle of booking a lawn! 

Yasir took to Instagram to express how he’s never wanted his wedding to be a difficult event to manage. We as people have done this to ourselves, we’ve created an environment where weddings are expensive and strenuous and have guest lists that go on for miles and kharcha that never ends. 

We LOVE his caption!

In the past 10 years we’ve seen the wedding industry grow and grow – and keep growing an exorbitant amount. Weddings in 2019 look nothing like the weddings in 2009. 

In a country where the minimum wage is PKR 18000/- we see only bridal makeup costing at least twice that amount – how did we get here and why didn’t anyone do anything to stop this? 

Why have we made weddings that spend millions not only acceptable but expected? 

Do we have it in us to move away from extreme extravagance all over the span of three days? Would you want a more intimate wedding like them? Or does sticking to huge weddings sound more appealing to you? 

  • […] A big lesson for all of us to take away from the celebrity weddings of 2019! […]

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