I Recreated This Amazing Halloween Look That You’ll Want To Try Aswell! Step-by-step Guide

So Halloween is right around the corner & if you’re someone like me you’ll probably be wanting to try some fun & exciting looks for Halloween.
Maybe just to post a few pictures for the gram or to test your own creative limits?
Like every year, i usually end up getting ready for Halloween just to fall asleep (usually with my Halloween makeup still on my face) after tirelessly posing and taking pictures.

Bottom line – even though i know i wont be going out anywhere to any fancy sh-mancy Halloween party i want to enjoy the day to the fullest as much as i can (read properly document my look on social media). Contrary to popular belief you can actually achieve a pretty realistic yet creative look using only makeup right at home. No high tech graphics or editing required. Here’s how you can achieve this Halloween look at home:


This picture is NOT edited at all.

Now i know this look isn’t like 100% perfect but i enjoyed doing this SO much! It was my first attempt ever and man was i happy. The stitches on the side of my lips looked so realistic.
All in all, i loved the way it all came together.

Here’s how i achieved this Halloween look!


– Some Twine (or any string that’s a little thick to give a more realistic look)
– Eyelash glue to help the string stick
– ‘Fx Contact Lens‘ in the Shade “crimson white”
– Any red Lipstick
– Any black kohl pencil + black eye shadow
– Any purple lipstick
– P.s i’m also wearing my fav Huda Beauty Lashes in the style Scarlett # 8!


Step 1 – As this look is half girl/half zombie we need to do our entire makeup on our full face. Whatever glam you do for a big night out will work perfectly.

Step 2 – After completing your makeup and applying your lashes, pick which side you want to keep as the ‘pretty’ side. The other will be the one on which you draw. Start by drawing a black line from your lips to your ears. I used a black kohl pencil. Also use the same pencil to fill in your eyebrows and make them darker.

Step 3 – After drawing the line use red lipstick to blur out the line. Be as messy as you want. The good thing here is that there is no ‘right’ way to make a zombie look haha it can be uneven/messy and still be good! Divide your face in half using black eye shadow and fill in your jawline + cheeks as well.

Step 4 – Put on just one of the lens into your ‘zombie’ side-eye and leave the other eye as it is. This will give a better effect rather than with both lens on.

Step 5 -Now this is the important & tricky part. Cut small 1 inch lines of the thread. Apply eyelash glue to the ends (you can use clear as well as black eye lash glue) to apply the thread to your face. Stick them in a criss-cross manner to get the full effect. Each stitch should resemble a cross mark.

Step 6 – Apply red lipstick to one half of your lips & purple on the other half. Pair this look with any plain black ensemble. Backcomb your hair or leave them open OR whatever you are comfortable with. Open hair do give the whole look a better effect. And voila! You’re totally Halloween ready!

Here’s a Side view!

Here’s an up-front view!

Hope you found this helpful and easy. Do send in your recreated looks, we’d love to see them & feature them on our page!

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