Make your room interesting: How you can design a plain wall and make it look exquisite

Blank walls can make the room look really simple and plain. And, how to make this plain, boring wall more interesting and eye-catching can be confusing to a lot of people.

If you are someone who doesn’t want to go over the board but at the same time intend on showing that effort and thought have been put in every corner of your home, then these ideas on how to decorate a blank wall are for you.

Decorating a blank wall

Use shelves to store items and give a classy touch to the wall

You can put up shelves on the wall. The shelves will not only be helpful for storage purposes but will also eliminate the ‘boring’ element from a plain blank wall.

You can go for white, light, or dark brown shelves and put items such as small potted plants, a frame with a message, some scented candles, or a piece of crystal. In this way, you will maintain the simplicity of the wall, yet make it look effortlessly beautiful.

Fill the wall up with some pictures

You can add photo-frames of the same or variable sizes to the wall. Add family pictures or clicks that mean a lot to you. This way, you will have a special wall to remind you about the good times every time you look at it, and from a plain painted wall; you will make it something that will always remain close to your heart.

You can line the wall up with frames containing messages too. Just be sure to choose frames of the same type and color because that gives a well put-together and a classier look.

Put up a wallpaper

Good wallpaper is worth the investment. If you do not have the time to decorate the wall in other ways, you can select a wallpaper, and it will give the room a completely changed look. Be sure to choose one that goes with the theme. The wallpaper covers up the blank painted wall and adds pattern to it which makes it look like the corner of the room has been put effort into and not abandoned.

Remember that minimalism and neutral tones are the trends for 2020. Minimalist and neutral tones will also come in use if you decide to change the look again down the road.

You can get more ideas on how to decorate a blank wall from this video;

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