‘Christian Betzmann and I are no longer engaged’ Zoya Nasir announces breakup

Christian Betzmann was all over the news when he accepted Islam and got engaged to actress Zoya Nasir. The couple took over social media and was planning to get married. However, Christian’s insensitive take on the Palestine issue in which he criticized Pakistan, made him face a lot of backlash and hate.

Rumors had it that the couple had broken up since the two had unfollowed each other on Instagram but there was no confirmation until recently when Nasir officially announced that she and Betzmann had parted ways.

The star took to Instagram where she made the announcement saying that the vlogger’s ‘change in stance’ towards her culture, country and people as well as his ‘insensitivity’ towards Islam has led her to take the difficult decision. Nasir also made it clear that since the vlogger crossed social and religious boundaries, therefore she has taken the decision to breakup with him. Moreover, she believes, tolerance and respect towards each other are virtues that must not be compromised.

Zoya ended the note with asking everyone to give her and her family the space to go through the emotional turmoil.

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