‘Weli awam,’ Zarnish Khan schools criticis making fun of Meera’s English

Zarnish Khan recently gave a shut-up call to the people trolling Meera. She openly challenged the trolls.

Meera has always been a subject of trolls and criticism for her struggle to speak English. Recently, a video of the actress from Lux Style Awards went viral. In the video, she was struggling to speak the language properly. The video made rounds on the internet as people mocked the Baaji actress. She was made the target of multiple trolls.

However, not everyone thinks joking about someone’s English accent is funny including Zarnish Khan. The Ishq Zahe Naseeb actress took to Instagram to blast everyone who was making fun of Meera. In a IG story, she wrote, ‘Yar bas kardo weli awam!’ She then gave a reality check to all those making memes. She said that the people who mock others like that don’t even know how to speak their native language properly.

'Weli awam,' Zarnish Khan schools criticis making fun of Meera's English

‘Just because you can hide behind the anonymity of the cyber network, doesn’t give you a right to make fun of other people,’ she added. She then questioned if not speaking well in English is a crime. ‘How well do you know this language? Are you ready for an open challenge? I bet you aren’t,’ she said further. She asked everyone to stop being shallow and putting others down like that.

Earlier, Zarnish gave a shut-up call to actress Maira Khan for calling paindus ‘neech.’

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