Zarnish Khan gives a shut-up call to Maira Khan for saying ‘paindus are neech’

Zarnish Khan gives a shut-up call to Maira Khan for saying 'paindus are neech'

Maira Khan’s recent video about Paindus has caused a lot of outrage. Among the people who believe that the video is offensive is actress Zarnish Khan as well.

Zarnish openly called Maira out over the video on her Instagram stories. Reposting the video, Khan said that celebrities have a big responsibility. Their actions and words should be responsible.

She pointed out how Maira had no point at all. Moreover, she should’ve conveyed them in a better/respectful way. The Ishq Zahe Naseeb educated Khan over how the words paindu and burger are not to determine someone’s class or status. ‘Both of these terms are derogatory in their own way,’ she wrote.

Zarnish Khan gives a shutup call to Maira Khan.

‘Universal morality cannot be divided into classes, it’s for everyone to follow,’ she said. Zarnish believes that if ‘coolness’ determines how respectful one is in society, then we have all ‘doomed’ ourselves.

‘Verbal diarrhea and pseudo-philosophy is not an answer to whatever problems one may have,’ she wrote. She ended the note by telling her to stop indulging in the ‘US vs THEM’ argument as we are all from one nation.

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