Zara Noor Abbas was recently spotted at an event wearing an ‘unordinary’ dress and people have questions

Zara Noor Abbas is an actress who garnered a lot of following and love since her debut serial, ‘Dharkan.’ She became a fan-favorite due to her acting skills and humble nature. The actress has done roles in some of the most-watched Pakistani dramas. From being people’s favorite in Ehd-e-Wafa to Arsala in Khamoshi, she usually stays in the spotlight.

However, with all the love that an actor or actress can get in their acting career, they also have to be ready to take criticism because one wrong move can really land them in hot waters. This time, it is Zara Noor Abbas who is being criticized for her ‘weird fashion sense’ after she was spotted wearing a contemporary style saree at a wedding ceremony.

Not only do people have problems with the style of the dress but they also think that it is ‘exposing’ and inappropriate.

Here’s what the public has to say:

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

  • Bushra Umair says:

    In logo ko koi bolne wala nh h..?hukumat ko action Lena chahye qk hamare maashrey mn ye behayae nh chalegi..???

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