Here is what Zara Noor Abbas has to say about gender equality

Zara Noor Abbas recently did a Q&A session on her Instagram to interact with her followers. The Phaans actress questioned her fans why a working woman when announces she is pregnant, is asked to take steps back but the opposite gender is never questioned on their enthusiasm about work when they tend to plan a family.

A follower of Abbas answered saying that women are ‘belittled’ at every point of their life and that they are not ‘equal’ to men.

The Khaamoshi actress replied saying that she disagrees. She believes women are ‘not always’ belittled. However, women are questioned repeatedly about their choices in life. But when it comes to men, the question is not a ‘standard’ in corporate worlds for them. The actress proceeded to say that she doesn’t believe men and women are equal. She believes that the two genders have their own place. Moreover, women can give birth to another human being but men on the other side, can not.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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