Zainab Jamil bids farewell to showbiz to work on her spiritual journey

Zainab Jamil is quite known and has acted in many drama serials. Other than an actor, Zainab is also a model. However, she has recently decided to ‘discontinue’ working in showbiz to learn more about ‘Islam.’

Jamil took to social media to announce the end of her career because Allah has chosen her to become a student of the Quran and Hadees. She didn’t spill out any details in her first-ever post, which made everyone curious; people were wondering about this spontaneous decision.

The former model decided to give her followers some more insights in which she told how she has been studying the Quran with Tafseer for about 3 years now. And the reason why she didn’t make this announcement earlier is that she was searching for some answers.

She also thanked her teachers for putting up with her queries and answering her questions to the point where she felt she needed to make an official announcement of quitting the industry. The former actress expressed that she always felt like acting was not something she wanted to do.

Despite being in the industry, Zainab didn’t feel completely ‘satisfied’. She apologized to all those who are a part of the industry, clarifying that she doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s sentiments.

Here’s her complete post:

Zainab also dropped all the projects which she had signed. We wish her all the best in this new journey.

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