Yumna Zaidi opens up about how she lost weight [VIDEO]

Talk about the most talented actresses in the industry and you can never forget to include Yumna Zaidi on the list. Zaidi is a versatile actress who is gifted and known all around Pakistan for her acting skills. She can pull off absolutely any role with a lot of grace.

Yumna has starred in Darr Si Jati Hai Sila, Pukaar, Zara Yaad Kar, Ishq Zahe Naseeb and more.

Yumna Zaidi’s old interview is resurfacing on the in internet. In the interview, Zaidi revealed the secrets behind her weight loss journey and how she lost up to 10 kgs. When questioned about her diet plan, she told that she follows completely different diet plans when she is in America and in Pakistan.

When the actress is in the USA with her family, she doesn’t diet or follow a healthy eating pattern which is why she gained about 10 kgs in the US. But when she in Pakistan, she loses all the excess fat through an intense workout. Diving into the details of her diet plan, the Pukaar actress revealed that she drinks a glass of warm water when she wakes up and then does a 30-minute full-body workout. The actress further added that she goes for an apple and almonds in the breakfast and daal (with a spoon) for lunch. Yumna Zaidi ends her day with a Chicken Tikka or Kebab and wheatable biscuits.

In between the meals, Zaidi doesn’t drink caffeine rather goes for grapefruit juice and lots of water. This diet plan and exercise routine are what keeps the star fit and in shape.

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