‘You don’t hit a woman, please show some decency’ Osman Khalid Butt calls Bilal Saeed out for his viral video

Many people are reacting to Bilal Saeed’s violent video in which he was physically assaulting a couple, which happens to be his own brother and sister-in-law. After the singer explained his side of the story, the public made memes that he hit a woman considering it okay since women ask for ‘equality.’

Osman Khalid Butt also reacted to the ongoing trend and memes, telling people to stop. He took to his Twitter to educate those trolling and making jokes out of the video. He followed the BilalSaeed hashtag and told the public how it was Saeed who ‘instigated it.’ He also mentioned how what the singer did was not normal behavior and especially nothing to be ‘played for a laugh.’ He further mentioned that it is not okay to hit a woman. Moreover, the actor also schooled the public that women don’t ask to be ‘hit’ when they demand equal rights.

Osman Khalid Butt told people that if they want to oppose feminist activism, they can. However, they shouldn’t let this opposition and hate ‘spring from ignorance.’

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