‘You all are a bunch of bullies,’ Ushna Shah calls out haters for accent shaming

'You all are a bunch of bullies,' Ushna Shah calls out haters for accent shaming

Actress Ushna Shah has once again clapped back at the haters. In a recent Twitter post, the actress lashed out at those making fun of her ‘Foreign accent.’

Despite being a great actress, Shah often lands in controversies. She is among those handfuls of actors who never shy away from expressing their point of view. This is why Ushna never lets unnecessary criticism and hateful comments slide. She very frequently claps back at trolls. On her official Twitter account, the Bashar Momin star replies to the haters’ comments in an equally harsh tone.

The Balaa actress recently took to Twitter where she called out all those who accuse her of faking a foreign accent. The actress revealed how she has spent her formative years (all of Grad school, a major part of her high school and university) in Canada.

Opening up about how she receives hate for her accent, the actress wrote, ‘I consciously downplay my Canadian accent in Pakistan, however, I am still accused of faking a foreign accent.’

She continued to speak up against all those who try to make fun of her. The Alif Allah Aur Insan actress wrote about how it is a form of abuse. ‘You all are a bunch of bullies,’ she concluded targeting the people who accuse her.

'You all are a bunch of bullies,' Ushna Shah calls out haters for accent shaming

Ushna is known for speaking her mind out even if it offends the masses. Previously, the actress called out all those who believe that TV actors tend to promote vulgarity and are inferior. In a similar Tweet like this one, she asked all such people to get rid of their TVs. She also told such individuals to stop watching channels that don’t preach Islam. ‘Get off social media immediately! Show your gherat please,’ she wrote.

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