Yasra Rizvi vows to raise a kind and respectful son around whom every living being would feel safe

The recent back-to-back incidents, with women being victims, have left every female individual feeling unsafe. Numerous hashtags have trended in the past with the difference being only in the change of names, but justice hasn’t been served.

Among all of this, people are debating on how society should focus on the upbringing of their sons. Actress Yasra Rizvi, who recently gave birth to a baby boy, also took to social media to share her stance.

The Churails actress vowed in an Instagram post that she will raise a son who is ‘kind, compassionate and respectful.’ She wrote that she will raise her son to be a man who is ‘not threatened by women and their agency, who doesn’t take vulnerability as a license to exploit.’ She further emphasized how she will make sure that her son understands that being a man is not a privilege but a responsibility.

Yasra also gave a message to the mothers telling them to be more mindful when raising their sons and to pay extra attention to the boys. She advised the mothers to ‘stop them now from becoming a problem tomorrow.’

Yasra Rizvi is giving a lesson and all the moms raising sons, should take notes. Unfortunately, a majority in the country let their sons get away with a certain thing that they would punish their daughters for. ‘Wo larka hai, karsakta hai’ is a very commonly used line, and in many cases, the problematic behavior exhibited by the sons is encouraged, which only adds to the problem.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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