Yasra Rizvi raises awareness on ‘forced marriages’ in her recent campaign

Yasra Rizvi’s recent campaign sheds light on forced marriages. The actress used her platform to raise awareness on the issue.

Yasra Rizvi raises awareness on 'forced marriages' in her recent campaign.

Yasra posted a number of pictures in which she was dressed as a bride with smothered makeup.

Rizvi, in a series of posts on Instagram, talked about how getting married is a very important and personal decision of an individual. The actress said that deciding who one wants to get married to, is their fundamental right.

Yasra Rizvi raises awareness on 'forced marriages' in her recent campaign

Yasra further wrote how someone, who marries by choice, has the right to end the marriage if it isn’t working out. ‘This is not a western agenda, but a right that every religion and law gives to a person based on common sense,’ she wrote.

Yasra Rizvi raises awareness on 'forced marriages' in her recent campaign

The actress stressed how marriage is a life decision among 2 individuals and so this decision shouldn’t be made without their consent. ‘Forced marriages and divorce shaming are not ways to respect tradition. These are blatant attacks on basic human rights,’ she added. She asked the public to do what they can in their capacities to end the problem.

In another post, Yasra Rizvi urged everyone to take a stand when they witness domestic violence. She wants people to speak up against such practices before they get to carry one of their own to the graveyard.

The Churails actress is quite vocal about such issues. She never hesitates from raising her voice when it is needed.

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