‘Mulk ko barbaad karnay se koi masla nahi?’ Yasir Hussain and Iqra Aziz call out Sharmila Faruqi

Sharmila Faruqi’s comment, on the ‘husband appreciation’ Instagram post of Iqra Aziz, was all over the internet. Faruqi schooled Iqra on father duties and how she shouldn’t be appreciating Yasir for doing the ‘bare minimum.’

The public had mixed views about the politician’s comment. The celebrity couple recently decided to call out Sharmila over her statement. Sharing Mathira’s IG story in which she appreciated Hussain for the love he shows to his family, he wrote, ‘Bhai pyaar se bhi masla hai. Appreciation se bhi masla hai. Proud feel karnay se bhi masla hai.’

Yasir Hussain responds to Sharmila Faruqi's comment

He then directly bashed Faruqi. He wrote, ‘Syasat kar k mulk ko barbaad karny se koi masla nahi.’

Iqra Aziz also put up an IG story addressing the politician. The Ranjha Ranjha Kardi actress wrote, ‘For you it might not be a big thing, but in a world full of men who don’t always appreciate their wives for doing what they do as a mother for their child (jo dono ka hai) MY HUSBAND does.’

Iqra Aziz responds to Sharmila Faruqi's comment on her picture

The Khuda Aur Mohabbat actress questioned Faruqi that if her husband supports and appreciates her, then why shouldn’t she as well. ‘P.S. women want men to help them aur phir karein tou boldo nothing to be proud of. Equality dono taraf ki honi chahiye,’ she wrote.

Sharmila Faruqi’s comment came after Aziz posted a picture of Yasir changing Kabir’s clothes. The actress in the caption appreciated her husband for changing his diapers for the first time. Faruqi gave Iqra a reality check by telling her that all involved fathers do that and it’s nothing big.

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