‘I will post evidence,’ Yasir Hussain and Nausheen Shah’s online brawl continues

Nausheen Shah and Yasir Hussain’s have been arguing online for quite a while now. It all started when Yasir called Shah an ‘uninvited guest’ at his wedding and has been continuing since.

After Hussain’s confession, the actress hit back at him. She said that she feels sorry for him because he has ‘serious mental problems.’ Recently, the actress was invited to Nashpati Prime where she was questioned about her ongoing controversy with Yasir. The actress replied that she goes to weddings without being invited. ‘I crash weddings and I love it,’ she said further.

After Nausheen’s statement, the Baandi actor couldn’t keep his calm and once again decided to call out the actress on social media. In a series of IG stories, Hussain said that he will provide evidence if Nausheen continues to discuss the topic.

Yasir wrote, ‘I got married in 2019, and it’s 2021 now.’ He further mentioned how the actress forcefully came to the marriage and annoyed the guests. He also said that she made his family worried. ‘2 years after my marriage, she is still cashing it. What do you want?’ he wrote.

Hussain told her to get a life and to stop picking on the topic. He also warned her that he will come up with evidence if she doesn’t stop. ‘What is your unending obsession with my wedding?’ he added.

Yasir Hussain had landed himself in hot waters after he initially commented how Shah came to his wedding uninvited in a show hosted by Vasay Chaudhry. People thought his comments were disrespectful.

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