‘While Islam teaches women to do pardah, it also teaches men to do pardah of the eyes’ Yashma Gill

Phaans actress, Yashma Gill recently shed light on the topic of women’s rights in Islam while talking to a media outlet.

While speaking about the Minar-e-Pakistan incident, Gill mentioned how people bend religion to suit their own personal opinions. She gave her views on how people were victim-blaming the TikToker who was harassed. Yashma said that even if she did plant 3-4 people, they still had their own free will to choose right from wrong. Since they chose wrong as well so they are to be blamed too. The actress believes that if people have to blame the girl for planning all of it, then they should also blame others who were a part of it.

The Pyaar K Sadqay actress told that many of her fellow actresses also gave such victim-shaming remarks however, she felt extremely bad hearing such things. She believes that if a woman is told to do ‘pardah’ in Islam then a man is also told to do ‘pardah of the eyes.’ She further added that if a woman is blamed for not dressing properly then a man must also be equally blamed for not doing pardah of the eyes.

She also shared her perspective on feminism and what women actually mean when they demand their rights.

Watch the complete interview here:

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  • Dr. Javed Ghafoor - Germany says:

    1. How many prayers do you offer?
    2. How many Islamic scholars you follow?
    3. How many islamic books have you read?
    4. Did you read the Quran with Translation?
    5. Did you read the translation of Surat Nisa?
    6. Did you read the Surat Noor?

    In my opinion you need to have above knowledge atleast to give Fatwa on Islam. More over your profession of acting ? and modelling is not a legal in Islam showing off yourself over media.

    I will ask you to stop attacking Islam and Men.

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