Yashma Gill vs. Sonam Kapoor: Who pulled off the ‘Denim Pant Saree’ look better?

Yashma Gill is a Pakistani actress who gained a lot of fame in the industry quickly. Yashma has played some negative roles and pulled them off very well. Other than that, she is also appreciated for her vlogs. Her recent vlog in which she raised awareness about how animals are being mistreated in the Tollinton market was loved by many.

Sonam, on the other hand, is a Bollywood star. She is actually famous for her aesthetic and on-point fashion sense and she can surely rock any look.

When we talk about fashion, our Pakistani actors/actresses are second to none. Recently, Yashma was seen recreating Sonam’s Denim pant saree look for her birthday and we are drooling. The blue denim saree paired up with a brown belt and brown loafers are everything one needs. The concept of the saree is so 2020 and classy at the same time. However, the question here is, who wore it better? Sonam or Yashma?

Here are some pictures and we leave the ball in your court to decide.

What are your thoughts on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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