‘The ending was something I personally did not agree with,’ Yashma Gill on Azmaish

Yashma Gill

Yashma Gill recently talked about the ending of the drama serial Azmaish. She shed light on how she enjoyed playing Shiza’s role but had personal disagreements with the end.

Azmaish was a drama revolving around the mistreatment of a stepsister by her two arrogant sisters. Yashma was playing one of the negative characters. Her character ends up committing suicide which has been subject to a lot of controversies. Although the serial had a star-studded cast with Kinza Hashmi in one of the lead roles, people believe it had loopholes specifically with the way Shiza’s character ended.

Yashma personally opened up about her point of view regarding the ending. In a farewell post for the drama, she wrote, ‘As my journey playing Shiza comes to an end, I want to express how much I have enjoyed playing this role.’ Gill shared how she took a real-life lesson from the drama, ‘There’s a lot I have learned as well, especially how one will always have to pay the consequences for doing wrong.’

Yashma Gill disagrees with drama serial Azmaish's ending.

‘The ending was something I did not personally agree with. But as an actress, I have to comply with the team and stick to their decision as they know better,’ she added.

Despite the drama’s bittersweet ending, people applauded Yashma Gill for how she pulled off Shiza’s character. Her realistic acting for the drama is proof that she is a versatile actress who can play any role, be it positive or negative, with a lot of grace.

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