Hira Mani thinks Pakistani women are unable to do house chores on their own

Hira Mani is one of Pakistan’s most famous actresses, and often makes headlines for her ‘views and opinions. However, now, she has shared an ignorant remark, saying that women in Pakistan need helpers for everything.

Recently, the actress shared an Instagram video, commenting about how women in the US do everything on their own, but Pakistani women have people who can help them. Mani is enjoying a tour in the US with her family.

She took to Instagram and shared a video in which she was filling up her fuel in the car at a gas station. She said, in the clip, that women do everything on their own in the US. She added that we are ‘privileged’ that petrol pumps have workers to fill our fuel for us. She captioned the post ‘Apna khana khud garam kero’.

It is ignorant of the actress to make such a comment. Not everyone in Pakistan can afford house help. It is only elite people or celebrities who can afford the luxury. Middle-class and lower-class people do not have this facility. Furthermore, it is incorrect of Hira Mani to assume that women in Pakistan are unable to perform chores when they most certainly can.

While it is true that having people helping us with things in the country certainly makes everything easier, it is also essential to mention here that not every woman can pay for it.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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