‘Where’s your shalwar?’ Ushna Shah trolled for her outfit

'Where's your shalwar?' Ushna Shah trolled for her outfit

Ushna Shah is currently in hot waters for her choice of dressing at an event. The actress was made a target of criticism as soon as the pictures went viral.

Ushna is among the most well-known celebrities in the industry. Other than her exceptional acting skills, the actress is known to be vocal. She has a massive following too. However, she still gets a lot of criticism for multiple reasons. One very common reason why she gets hate is for her choice of dressing.

'Where's your shalwar?' Ushna Shah trolled for her outfit
'Where's your shalwar?' Ushna Shah trolled for her outfit

Recently, the Alif Allah Aur Insaan actress was spotted at a Kidney Center brunch. She was also accompanied by her fellow star Sonya Hussyn. Shah was spotted in a blue-colored mini ruffled dress.

The public was quick to troll Ushna’s fashion choices. People also schooled the actress over Pakistan’s culture.

A social media user wrote, ‘You should have some shame and decency.’ Another user wrote ‘Sasti Angrez,’ in the comments.

Here’s what the public has to say:

'Where's your shalwar?' Ushna Shah trolled for her outfit

 Previously, the actress urged the media industry to stop promoting cousin marriages. The actress took to Twitter to share her stance.

Ushna is one of those actresses who are known for being vocal. She never fears expressing her opinions. The actress just recently Tweeted raising awareness about a prevalent trend. She spoke up about cousin marriages and how the drama industry is playing a role in promoting them.

The actress in the Tweet wrote, ‘As artists and creators, we should stop encouraging cousin romances in dramas.’ The Alif Allah Aur Insaan shed light on the health complications it can cause.

‘Generations of cousin marriages have resulted in countless health issues,’ she added. She also named some health issues caused by cousin marriages like Thalassemia and learning disabilities. ‘Let’s take this seriously,’ she concluded.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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