‘When a woman speaks for herself, people make life more difficult for her,’ Alizeh Shah on viral smoking video

'When a woman speaks for herself, people make life more difficult for her,' Alizeh Shah on viral smoking video

Actress Alizeh Shah recently appeared in an interview with journalist Maliha Rehman. In the interview, Shah addressed her viral smoking video.

Alizeh was recently spotted in an interview with journalist Maliha. The actress talked about multiple things including her recent and future topics. She also mentioned her controversies in the interview.

Shah is a young talent who is a household name. She is known for her exceptional acting skills and people simply adore her. At a very young age, she has made a name in the industry. However, despite the endless list of fans that she has, the Ehd-e-Wafa actress still frequently lands in hot waters.

Previously, she was made a target of criticism for a viral video. In the video, the actress was seen smoking in a car. People had a lot of mean and hateful things to say about her after the video made rounds on the internet. But the Taana Baana actress hadn’t addressed the hate until recently.

Talking about the video, she said that she had her family in the car with her when she was smoking. ‘If my family doesn’t have an issue, who are these nameless, faceless people on social media who decide to judge me?’ she said.

The host questioned Alizeh Shah of why she didn’t speak on the topic before. The actress replied with how she believes it is ‘wiser to stay quiet.’ She said that whenever women take a stand and speak for themselves, people make life more difficult for them.

Moreover, the actress believes that controversies don’t last more than two days so it is best that she disconnects from social media. ‘After that people will be watching my drama and get excited about it,’ she added.

The actress also revealed how she was offered ‘item songs’ after the viral video. ‘One video with a cigarette and it was assumed that I was ready to be an item girl,’ she said further.

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