‘We Muslims dare you,’ Zoya Nasir criticizes Sooryavanshi for Islamophobic content

Zoya Nasir has called out Bollywood movie makers for Islamaphobic content in Sooryavanshi. The Zebaish actress schooled them on Instagram.

Talking to IG stories, the actress posted a detailed note regarding the movie. She said that good and bad people are both a part of this world and exist everywhere. Moreover, there are forceful conversions all over the world as well. However, it is ‘repulsive’ to see that such content is a part of what seemed to be a ‘light-hearted’ movie.’

The actress then referred to how such content leads to extremism. She added that it has been neglected how the movie may inspire extremist Modi followers.

She ended the note by writing, ‘Enjoy your 100 crore club with a good conscience. We Muslims dare you.’

Bollywood movie, Sooryavanshi stars Bollywood’s leading actors, Katrina Kaif and Akshay Kumar in the lead roles. The movie is considered controversial as many believe it is adding to conservative Hindu nationalism with extremist ideas.

Zoya Nasir

Previously, on the occasion of Diwali, the actress urged Pakistanis to respect all religions. The statement came as a response to all the criticism actors got on celebrating Diwali. A troll commented on Tara Mehmood’s picture asking if she is from a ‘Muslim’ country. The actress hit back at the troll by giving them a reality check. She said that the country has Hindus, Christians, and Paris’s in it too. She further schooled the person to respect all religions as this is what Islam teaches us.

The Zebaish actress also supported Tara’s comment. She wrote that majority of the people in Pakistan ‘lack’ religious as well as cultural tolerance. Moreover, she wished that people in the country would have been kinder as a nation. The actress wants people to be more tolerant and accepting towards the minorities of the country.

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