VIDEO: Ramsha Khan & Wahaj Ali’s upcoming drama does NOT have a ‘bechari’ heroine and we love it!

Ramsha and Wahaj are two of the most talented actors in the industry. Both are hard-working and have done some really versatile roles in the finest way possible. They appeared alongside each other in the drama ‘Mah e Tammam’ which was a hit and both looked great as an on-screen couple.

The two have yet teamed-up again for their upcoming serial directed by ‘Ahmed Bhatti’ on ARY Digital. Wahaj and Ramsha are in the leading roles and well when the leading cast is talented the supporting cast should be no less. The strong supporting actors include Saife Hassan, Samina Ahmed, Saba Hameed, Sana Askari, and more.

Clips from the drama are on the internet now and Ramsha is doing the role of a strong and fearless girl while Wahaj is the handsome, confident protagonist.

Ghissi Pitti Mohabbat seems to have quite a different script, which is why people can’t wait to see the drama.

Watch the teasers here:

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